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CGA understands sound

Sound is very much a part of everyday life and it can have a profound effect on how we feel.

Getting the audio right makes your venue feel right. As a result, your customers will feel at ease and will want to stay longer, return again and recommend you to their friends.

By investing in carefully placed speakers, a quality music source and good audio content, the whole customer experience can be greatly enhanced, for business and pleasure alike.

To find out how great audio can make a difference in your venue, why not get in touch?

Why chose CGA?

Whether your business is based in the UK or Internationally, CGA can offer you sound solutions. We provide a consultancy design service globally and a full service, including design, installation and maintenance throughout the UK.

Watch the interview as  Andy Roger, Resort Director of Cameron House, speaks to Chris Gunton, Managing Director of CGA about working with CGA and the impact of installing intuitive, integrated AV systems, with remote support from CGA across the resort.