Case Study:
St Michaels, Camberley

St Michaels Camberley - Places of Worship by CGA Integration


After a personal recommendation from previous clients, CGA Integration assessed work required to modernise equipment, improve audio quality and increase system flexibility at St Michaels, Camberley. After agreement on proposals with the Diocesan Synod, the recommended improvements were carried out in Jan 2003.


Acoustics, varied users, décor and budget were all part of the brief at St Michaels. The wide range of users, some vocally untrained, any audio improvements needed to be automated and controls simplified. Any visual changes inside the church had to be minimised, achieved by reusing existing speakers, induction loop and amplification. The finishing touch was lockable security for controls.


The major improvement was a new processing system, based on Peavey auto mixing, feedback destroyers and fine tuned during a period of post installation assessment. Inputs were increased from two to sixteen, allowing wider pickup from stalls and pulpit, while simplifying the task for each mic. In particular, a Sennheiser K6P/ME66 short gun Mic for the pulpit was sourced to allow for the height range of speakers. Additional cabled Mic and line inputs at front and back, plus a tape deck, provided flexibility for different types of worship.


Rev. Bruce Nicole responded happily to the project, “Chris was extremely helpful and fully understood our needs in a professional, friendly and civil manner. The congregation are very happy with the results”.