The ​Disability Discrimination Act 1995 requires that businesses or organisations providing face-to-face, verbal information should have an induction loop, or other approved system fitted. Not to do so may be seen as discriminating against those persons who are ‘hearing impaired’.

The following organisations are affected by this legislation:

●  Retail Premises
●  Educational Establishments
●  Public Buildings
●  Entertainment Venues
●  Leisure and Tourism
●  Churches and Conference Centres
●  Employers of +15 employees

CGA has a range of induction loops to meet all requirements from the single domestic user, to groups in large halls. In many cases a simple and economic counter-system may suffice, such as the type often seen in banks or travel agencies.

CGA Integration | Induction Loop Systems

As well as benefiting persons who are ‘hearing impaired’, induction loops can also be used in exhibitions and museums to provide a commentary for the general public, or in noisy workplace environments, under ear-defenders, allowing operatives to hear PA announcements or instructions. For users without a hearing aid, a small receiver and headphones would be required.

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