Data Policy

What data do CGA hold?
CGA Integration Ltd (CGA) are specialist sound, light & video systems integrators, working business to business in the Hospitality and Leisure markets.
CGA hold contact details for existing and prospective customers. This information is mainly gained from working relationships, recommendations, referrals and networking events. CGA verify and update this information against publicly available information such as LinkedIn.
The information CGA hold for individuals and companies consists of one or more of the following:

Business name & address
Email & telephone contact details (including mobiles)
A history of past emails, calls and meetings, which may include correspondence from previous employment.
Data source i.e. the source of the referral or the event where we met the Contact.

We do not store personal addresses, emails or contact details unless a Contact has given these to CGA directly as their preferred point of contact for example in the case of home or remote workers.

CGA never sell any data onto third parties.

CGA do not pass on any data to third parties unless a referral is requested by the customer.

Hosted Services
Due to the nature of our business and the need to travel CGA uses the following hosted services to store data:

● Our CRM (customer/contact relationship manager) is the hosted Platform PIPEDRIVE – their privacy policy can be found here:
● Our document storage is the hosted google apps platform – their privacy policies can be found here:
● CGA use the Hosted Newsletter delivery services of MAILCHIMP to deliver newsletters to our contacts – their privacy policy is here:

Generally CGA email a newsletter to Contacts every other month. These contain items of ‘legitimate interest’ such as relevant news, events, trends and changing regulations and are sent to existing and potential customers who we have contact details for. All newsletters have a full unsubscribe link.

CGA uses the services of a bookkeeper who stores accounting data offline in Sage accounting software.

CGA uses our accountant to administer staff payroll and pensions.

Data Processes
CGA does transfer customer data from Pipedrive to Mailchimp to allow customers to receive newsletters and to check them against the Contacts that have unsubscribed in the MailChimp database.

CGA does pass general company details to our bookkeepers to create invoices and statements and comply with accounting regulations.

Data Retention
CGA are constantly reviewing our data, and when a Contact leaves a relevant industry, (e.g. Hospitality), or is no longer relevant to CGA, we will swiftly remove their data.

As CGA actively builds long term relationships with its customers and continues to do business with many Contacts for years after an initial contact was made, CGA maintain records as long as we can see that Contacts remain within a relevant industry, (e.g. Hospitality). CGA check a Contact’s status using sources such as industry media and LinkedIn.
Records exist within Mailchimp to show the data of unsubscribe long after CGA communicate with this Contact. The data remains in Mailchimp to prevent us subscribing that Contact in error.

Data Deletion
At the request of a Contact we can unsubscribe them from our newsletters; either by an emailed request or by the Contact clicking the unsubscribe link on our newsletters. We can also delete their information from our CRM if this is desired by that Contact.

Requests to delete a Contact’s information from our CRM should be made in writing, on company letterhead and signed by the Contact whose data is stored. Please address requests to the CGA Data Protection Officer*.

Data Access Requests
CGA are happy to provide a Contact with a copy of the data CGA have stored on them. Normally we will be able to produce this within two working weeks (14 days) and will take the format of a PDF report from Pipedrive, Mailchimp and Sage.

Requests should be made in writing, on company letterhead and signed by the Contact whose data is stored. Please address requests to the CGA Data Protection Officer*.

Data Breaches
Where there is a Data Breach, CGA will contact all relevant parties as required by law.

CGA have the ability to delete and block access from Mobile devices with access to our hosted platforms to prevent the theft of Data.

* Contacting the Data Protection Officer
The CGA Data Protection Officer for CGA Integration Ltd is Chris Gunton whose contact detail are as follows:

CGA Integration Ltd
PO Box 3997
RG42 2ZS
Telephone: 01344 456500