CGA, helping you reach ‘sound sustainability’ targets

As the Hospitality Industry focuses on how to become more sustainable and achieve targets such as net-zero carbon emissions, everyone associated with the industry needs to focus on how we can each operate to help our clients to meet these goals.

Here at CGA it’s no exception.  CGA designs and installs integrated AV systems in hospitality venues and that in itself is an overall greener approach.  When you install an integrated AV system the equipment and systems are sized correctly for a room and can be managed for power consumption,  rather than an events company using a ‘one size fits all’ approach, which can either under or overrun hardware inefficiently.  Equally, with installed integrated systems, your AV is designed for a space and the movement of hardware just happens once when it is installed, rather than for each hosted event.

CGA, helping you reach ‘sound sustainability’ targets

Being greener is not just about what we install but also how we operate our business. CGA’s main work is the installation of AV and sound systems in Hospitality venues.  As with all new supply and install projects, there are large amounts of goods to be moved around and the resulting labour associated with this, all of which have a carbon footprint and environmental impact.

When you work with CGA you are safe in the knowledge that we already operate:

  • Remote support.  Most CGA installed systems can be remotely supported.  This reduces and potentially eliminates engineer site visits to a venue.  On the few occasions when engineers are required to attend your site, CGA already knows exactly which part of a system is causing the issue and we can therefore attend with the correct materials to rectify the problem, immediately halving the carbon footprint of the call.
  • Client usage monitoring.  CGA  installs systems with remote support which once in place enable us to monitor client usage and use standby and low power modes wherever possible to improve your energy usage.
  • Less Vehicles.  CGA operates with a minimal fleet of company vehicles.  Public transport is used to make site visits whenever products or tools are not needed.
  • Greener Vehicles.  All CGA vehicles comply with Euro 6 Standards for the growing number of low emissions zones.
  • Low stockholding.  CGA avoids holding excessive stock, making materials more cost effective and greener for us and our clients.  Moving goods directly from manufacturers or wholesalers directly to customer’s sites reduces the number of carriage or transit loads and unloads and vehicle changes in a supply chain. 
  • Call planning.  Whenever possible, CGA actively groups client visits and service calls together to reduce miles travelled, vehicle use and subsequent carbon emissions.
  • Remote Working.  Long before the Covid pandemic, CGA employees have been working remotely around the country, eliminating the need for unnecessary commuting.
  • Using the Cloud.  CGA uses cloud computing and VoiP telephony reducing ‘on-site’ hardware and energy consumption

When you engage CGA you can relax in the knowledge that during the installation process CGA will endeavor to:

  • Locally source.  CGA sources UK produced products (wherever relevant and available)
  • Deliver Direct.  CGA ships all goods, where possible, from the manufacturer or national warehouse directly to site to save indirect carriage.
  • Consolidate orders.  CGA where possible groups and consolidates orders to reduce the number of vehicles required for deliveries.
  • Minimises site visits.  CGA works with other trades or contractors (such as main contractors, electricians and network engineers) already on-site to save unnecessary travel to the site e.g. AV cables can be installed by the network installer, often sharing cable routes, saving time, manpower and travel.
  • Recycle.  CGA segregates packaging and rubbish on-site to enable as much as possible to be recycled by the main contractors or end client.

CGA already has many ‘green credentials’, but like many other businesses we are working to continually analyse how we can become smarter and greener.

For more information, and to see how CGA can help you make the AV in your venue more sustainable, please get in touch: telephone: 01344 456500 or email:


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