Relaxation & Fitness

Creating a soundtrack to inspire

Relaxation means different things to different people; some enjoy a challenging workout at their gym whilst others prefer the treatments and calm offered by a spa experience. At CGA we understand that either way, sound plays an intricate role; whether delivering a soundtrack to inspire you to push yourself further and faster or by creating a rich audio tapestry to facilitate mental escapism.

Differentiating through sound

Whatever your guests’ chosen form of relaxation, investment in creating and enhancing the ambience in your gym, spa, pool or sauna pays dividends through increased use, re-visitation or selection of your hotel over a competitor’s. At CGA we know that all areas of relaxation and fitness benefit from zoned PA or background music, and design and install systems that can be programmed to change throughout the day or for special events. We understand that gyms also benefit from local inputs and controls for exercise classes whilst exercise machines now have user selection of entertainment channels as standard, with screens allowing browsing of TV or house channels which can link to your IPTV.
The Spa at Coworth Park - Relaxation & Fitness by CGA Integration
Holiday Inn & ANA Spa Winchester - Relaxation & Fitness by CGA Integration

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