Bars & Restaurants

Sound, the missing link in the sensory jigsaw

Exceptional restaurants and bars deliver a total sensory experience for their guests. Fine cuisine and surpassable service are obviously paramount, but creating the right environment within which this is delivered is also vital for a truly memorable guest experience. CGA understands that sound, lighting and video can work together to completely enhance the ambience of a room. We design and install flexible AV systems which can deliver different requirements depending on the time of day, the occasion or even within different areas of the same room.

Integrated in both functionality and design

At CGA we work with our clients to design and deliver top quality sound whilst preserving the surrounding ambience and décor. Well designed audio delivers even sound throughout the venue, is easily controllable by members of staff, and can be programmed to meet the vision of designers. Flexible AV systems ensure that live music, PA systems and fire alarm announcements can be integrated throughout a venue without compromising on its visual impact.
Dishoom Restaurant Covent Garden - Bars & Restaurants by CGA Integration
Sette and Nolita Social Lounge at Bvlgari - Bars & Restaurants by CGA Integration

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Whether your business is based in the UK or Internationally, CGA can offer you sound solutions. We provide a consultancy design service globally and a full service, including design, installation and maintenance throughout the UK.