CGA Global Sound Consultants

At CGA we work globally with our clients to design the best possible sound solutions for luxury and boutique venues. CGA ensures that the audio design and specification will help to deliver a venue’s Brand, complement the room design and create the perfect audio environment for guests, whatever the occasion. CGA design AV to help deliver reliability and efficiency for conferences through to indulgence and relaxation for special celebrations or luxury breaks.

The importance of sound

Walking across a gravel path, breaking a pane of glass, puffing up a feather pillow, sound is so evocative and can conjure up such vivid imagery. Blended correctly with creative interior design, superior customer service and exceptional cuisine it plays a critical part in delivering a memorable guest experience.

Santoku Restaurant Ghana -Bars & Restaurants by CGA Integration
The Palace Boutique Hotel - CGA Global Sound Consultants

Unleash the power of audio

There is so much we can do with sound. By investing in carefully placed speakers, a good quality music source and good quality audio content, the whole guest experience can be greatly enhanced.

The CGA Integration Consultancy process explained:

When CGA Integration engage in sound consultancy our role breaks down into three main areas:

• The creation of the AV Brand Standard for your venue or estate

• The application of the AV Brand Standard

• Where there are existing venues or where more are planned:
Deploying the AV Brand Standard across the existing estate
– Overseeing the roll out of the AV Brand Standard to new venues.

For more information please view this Guide to CGA Consultancy or why not get in touch.