CGA improve AV at St Stephen’s Church Windsor

CGA are delighted to have been appointed to improve the AV at St Stephen’s church Windsor.  The pandemic has heightened the need for good AV in places of worship, to ensure all members of the congregation can remain connected, whether it be in person or via streamed services.

At St Stephen’s CGA are working to update and upgrade their current AV systems, improving their ease of use and increasing the quality and flexibility of the AV.

CGA improve AV at St Stephen's Church Windsor

The church will purchase new radio microphones; lapel, handheld and with headsets.  All will be compatible with a new charging system and be integrated with the existing wired microphones on the lectern and pulpit.  

A new multi channel amplifier will be installed to drive the various speakers in different sections of the church.  There will be an audio output / feed on USB for use with the live streaming of services and the AV will be integrated into the existing induction loop, creating the best possible sound within the church and improving audio for all.

All of this will be controlled via an iPad for ease of use, with options to also integrate the control of the church lights.

CGA will attend services after installation to ensure that everything runs smoothly and sounds at its best.

CGA Integration ... Making hospitality sound great!