Delivering Brand consistency across very different venues

One of the most important issues when dealing with AV is to understand the requirements of a Brand; what experience is the Brand trying to deliver to its customers and how in turn can quality sound help to engage the senses in achieving this experience. It is then essential that this is delivered across the whole estate, such that wherever a customer is in the world, they know they are experiencing a particular Brand.

Walking across a gravel path, breaking a pane of glass, puffing up a feather pillow, sound is so evocative and can conjuring up such vivid imagery. Blended correctly with creative interior design, superior customer service and exceptional cuisine, sound plays a critical part in delivering the total Brand experience in the hospitality sector.

CGA Integration | Delivering Brand consistencyacross verydifferent venues

Audio Brand consistency is not just about using the same musical tracks in every venue. Undeniably, a carefully selected music playlist combined with a quality sound system is vital in delivering a brand experience, but the physical structure of a venue impacts on the acoustics and subsequently on how that playlist will sound. As such, audio Brand consistency is more challenging to achieve if venues within a Brand are very different acoustically. CGA Integration have recently designed and installed the audio for two very acoustically different Dishoom Restaurants; Dishoom King’s Cross and Dishoom Carnaby.

Although the antithesis of each other acoustically, both of these restaurants need to deliver the same unique buzz and vibe of Dishoom. Dishoom King’s Cross is a listed building with very high ceilings, multiple levels and hard surfaces, which creates a very harsh acoustic environment. Dishoom Carnaby however has low ceilings, smaller rooms and more soft furnishings. Sound behaves very differently in these contrasting environments, but by using carefully placed ceiling speakers and the same brand of digital sound processor, each Dishoom restaurant feels and sounds fantastic, delivering a great Brand experience across both venues.

Using the same wall mounted controls in each venue, programmed using a similar configuration, has the additional benefit of staff familiarisation; making it easier for staff to transition between venues in a Brand with multiple sites.

There is so much we can do with sound. By investing in carefully placed speakers, a good quality music source and good quality audio content, the whole hospitality experience can be greatly enhanced and Brand values can be delivered through a common audio footprint whatever the venue.

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