Installing great sound systems

Sound is everywhere; we are subjected to it continuously from the moment we wake up until the moment we fall asleep

The effect of sound is often subliminal, and as such, getting the audio right for your venue is a key factor in creating the ambience and mood you want to achieve for your guests.

If you deliver poor quality, inappropriate sound, people will always complain. Get it right, and although your guest might not know why, it will enhance your décor, service and the customer experience in your venue.

So, how do you deliver quality sound? That’s down to what you play and how you play it. The most carefully selected playlist is useless, unless the music is of the right quality, delivered through the right hardware, which in turn needs to be expertly installed in the right position within the space at your venue.

Here at CGA, we try where possible to use ceiling speakers in our designs and installation. This enables us to create a grid of speakers which offer an even coverage of sound throughout a room. No matter how tall they are, your guest’s ears are always a constant distance from the ceiling, and therefore from the speakers. As a result, they will receive a consistent sound as they move throughout the room.

Whether refurbishing or creating a new area in your venue, it’s always worth considering your audio needs early on. Then the best possible sound system can be designed, to blend seamlessly with the rest of the décor, creating the best possible results for both you and your guests.