Case Study:
All Saints, Ascot

All Saints Ascot - Places of Worship by CGA Integration


Winning the tender to revamp the audio for services at All Saints was an opportunity to improve audio, increase flexibility and use modern sound engineering to solve several traditional problems with amplification of church services.


The system is used by a wide variety of trained and untrained vocalists, in a challenging acoustic. Non intrusive fixtures, cabling and racks were also a priority to preserve the décor and atmosphere. The system also needed to be operated by non technical personnel, preferably automated as far as possible.


6 licensed UHF Sennheiser radio mics provided high quality pickup, while discreet aerials, use of existing speaker cabs and sympathetic cable runs avoided intrusion.

Automatic feedback suppression and gain detection provided by Peavey auto mic mixing were specified to eliminate problems from variable vocals and moving radio mics.

Additional inputs near pulpit and organ, plus recording facilities were added to existing mic sockets for flexibility.


The Church Warden, Mike Dixon, summed up the church’s reaction: “We’re very pleased with the smooth installation of the project and the huge difference it has made to the services. The induction loop now works and is fantastic. Operation has been made very simple for us”.