Case Study:
Cinnamon Club, Westminster

Cinnamon Club - Bars & Restaurants by CGA Integration


As technical partners, CGA Integration transformed Mueller Kneer’s groundbreaking vision for a 9m sq basement room into an award winning video installation. The centrepiece is a stunning rear projection glass wall spanning the club, creating an eye watering multifunction wall for visual display and has led to further projects with Mueller Kneer designers.


The space available posed huge challenges for choice of projection technology and video processing, while the short throw available reduced options further. Finally, precise and accurate projector alignment was needed to achieve seamless image stitching. CGA Integration also supplied a sound system and DJ console for the project.


A PC TV card, Sky digibox, internal DVD player and breakout sockets for composite video or laptop input, provide a variety of sources. The chosen source is fed to a dedicated video processor offering control of a wide range of format options for the image supplied to three matched calibrated SANYO wide angle LCD projectors. The combined image is projected onto a custom glass screen doubling as back wall of the bar.


The Cinnamon club bar was awarded the ‘best use of technology’, London, by Theme magazine in 2002.