Case Study:
Coworth Park – Venue Integration

Coworth Park Venue Integration - Reception & Communal Areas by CGA Integration


Coworth Park is the newest star in the Dorchester Collection, hosting diverse celebrations, high profile headlines events, Michelin star chef John Campbell and the superlative Spa at Coworth Park. Audio visual elements are now a crucial element in this vision, which with correctly specified design and installation can deliver both attention grabbing appeal and significant bottom line benefits. Maximum impact and cost saving is achieved using an integrated system woven throughout the infrastructure delivering flexibility, seamless integration and zero unplanned downtime.


As the latest prestige addition to the Dorchester Collection, Coworth Park combines diverse entertainment options with service standards aimed squarely at the highest echelon of hotel guests and blue chip business clients. This underlies the standard expected from the audio visual suite delivered by CGA Integration. The Spa at Coworth park, fine dining and event suites enable a vast range of combinations as inspiration for the most creative event directors. Backing this up with an excellence driven, flexible, robust and remotely accessible network to reinforce and link the individual areas was a challenge reflected in the long track record of CGA Integration.


Coworth Park boasts a total of nine discreet yet linkable systems, matrixed with custom cable and aerial distribution systems stretching over 90m back to central rack and processing centres. Aerials hidden in room ceiling voids and plaster in speakers maintain design integrity. All areas have at least one set of local inputs and up to four panels or three inputs in the large events room such as the garden room. Audio can be merged to adjoining rooms for flexibility and intuitive creation of larger events, while consistency of coverage and sound quality throughout all areas for best guest experience is maintained by intense attention to processing and audio engineering. Remote access and cameras complete the 21st century benefits to staff and guests.


‘We trust Chris Gunton and the CGA team to deliver – Coworth Park was a unique opportunity to pull together every benefit of venue wide integration, from flexibility to creativity into an installation with excellent audio quality and visual support. The result is a complete range of services which can truly become more than the sum of its parts.’
Zoe Jenkins, General Manager of Coworth Park