Case Study:
Granger & Co.

Granger & Co - Bars & Restaurants by CGA Integration


Following the success of Granger & Co in Notting Hill and his other restaurants in Australia and Japan, internationally renowned Australian restaurateur and food writer Bill Granger has opened his second Granger & Co in Clarkenwell Green London. CGA Integration was appointed to design and install a consistent, quality audio system throughout to complement the atmosphere of the venue.


The installation was challenged by very small ceiling voids and detailed ceiling construction. CGA Integration worked with the main contractors and the design team to deliver a speaker solution which not only fitted the voids, but which also delivered the sound quality required. This speaker solution was also able to be painted by the interior decorators to match the other finishes and thus reduce the aesthetic impact of the system.


CGA Integration designed and installed a three zone system to deliver consistent audio across the whole venue. A Cloud zoner and amplifier were installed with 12 QSC compact ceiling speakers and three Cloud RL1 volume controls to allow staff to adjust the sound to an optimal level for trading conditions.


Katherine Petty Operations Manager at Granger & Co added “we have been delighted with the sound system that CGA have designed and installed. The audio quality really helps to create the right atmosphere here and simple wall mounted controls allow our staff to adjust the sound to an optimal level which reflects trading conditions”.