Case Study:
Great Fosters, Surrey

Great Fosters - Conference & Event Rooms by CGA Integration


Gracing an estate of more than fifty acres in what was once the heart of Royal Windsor Forest in Surrey, Great Fosters is the most distinguished of hotels – a Grade One listed building combining 16th century grandeur and luxurious modern facilities. The Oak room at Great Fosters is a prestige dining venue, which prides itself on personal service, quality of finish, attention to detail and inspired gourmet food. Background audio was required to enhance atmosphere and audio mask some noises from nearby corridors.


The installation and audio quality had to match or exceed these top flight values, adding an extra dimension to the dining experience. This required near invisible speakers, cable runs and crystal clear audio. The control unit location was neatly positioned inside a cabinet, which also required imaginative cable runs.


The system specification features proven selections from the adaptable EV range. With the twin criteria of exceptional sound quality and unobtrusive install, the choice was EV S40 monitors, customised to blend with oak beam interior. Providing consistent, clear classical and light jazz sound track is a hard drive music player, processed by tuned Cloud amps with simple breakout controls.


Richard, Great Fosters General manager was quick to notice the difference; ‘It’s a complete change and sounds very impressive. The installation is neat and efficient and the quality maintains the standard of ambience we wished for.’