Case Study:
The Dorchester Hotel

The Dorchester - Reception & Communal Areas by CGA Integration


The Dorchester is one of the most desirable places in the world to stay, embodying the highest of traditional values. The Promenade is the elegant heart of The Dorchester, redesigned by Thierry Despont during summer 2005 creating a peerless venue for the spectacular highpoint of afternoon tea. The brief for CGA Integration was to match these standards with a sound system to enhance live chamber and background music.


The overriding challenge was to ensure none of the installation was visible, and the listed ceiling not touched in any way. Audio propagation is complicated by luxurious soft furnishings and long narrow shape. Sources included radio mics, live musician pickups and background music. All works had to be carried out at night.


Custom Apogee speakers were the key to providing clear , even sound with ingenious positioning in existing ceiling features. Great care was taken to achieve intricate cabling routes that ensured zero visibility. Audio control and signal processing by media matrix compensated for the impact of room shape, plus processor programming of varied musician positions. Sennheiser radio mics and aerials completed invisible installation and operation.