Case Study:
The Spa at Coworth Park

The Spa at Coworth Park - Relaxation & Fitness by CGA Integration


The Spa at Coworth Park represents an inspired combination of eco-luxury and beauty pampering with nutritious refreshment. The holistic approach of sharing values between services to client is reflected in the provision of audio visual enhancement, with the discreet sophisticated ambience of routine operation upgrading to spectacular capabilities for landmark events.


Any environment involving water and humidity presents severe challenges for audio visual hardware. Combined with the demanding aesthetic of the sleekly refined interior and the creative requirement to be independent yet linked on demand to other areas, this project presents complex challenges which require a fully developed understanding of product and clientele, underpinned by long experience of prestige venues.


Multiple sources over multiple rooms combine with fire alarm and paging system interfacing, plus independent room controls integrating sound and light. Both dry and underwater speakers enable continuous enjoyment, through bathing, public and treatment areas. Decorative issues and minimal ceiling voids in places meant installation of both ‘plaster in’ speakers and discrete ceiling speakers to achieve quality through innovation, driven by hard drives sources accessible across network and internet for upgrade and control.
The Spa at Coworth Park strives for minimal carbon footprint “eco spa” so UK companies where used and orders consolidated to minimise inbound carbon freight cost and remote access reduces the carbon footprint of future support.


‘The Spa at Coworth Park is all about an eco-luxury approach to relaxation and health affirmation, which we wanted to reflect, not only with the quality of our audio, but also sourcing. CGA Integration have demonstrated their in depth expertise, with not only a superlative system, but also incredible attention to low carbon sourcing and waste control. They should be proud that a behind the scenes system is so headline worthy.’ Ann Costelloe, Manager – The Spa at Coworth Park.