Case Study:
The Vineyard

The Vineyard - Bars & Restaurants by CGA Integration


Combining delectable cuisine, fine art and rare wines in an impeccable setting, the Vineyard offers connoisseurs of decadence and gastronomy an immersive environment to savour the stimulation provided by executive chef John Campbells dining, the Michael art collection and the luxuriance of a 5 star hotel, earning 2 Michelin stars. The contribution of lighting to this blend of sophistication and taste is not underestimated by the Vineyard. “Special attention has been paid to the lighting, which has been designed to subtly enhance the natural daylight, while in the evening creating an intimate ambience”.


The emphasis on this project was to breathe new life into an already successful formula and extend the theme into new areas. Preserving the established ambience and vision while updating control hardware and enhancing existing features was crucial.


The final installation centres around flexibility offered by ROBE FIBRE BEAM fibre optic sources, tuned to optimise light output and achieve the quality and resonance required. An Artistic Licence DMX network provides consistent control, with wireless links accessing remote fittings with minimal architectural disruption. Timed settings move the mood through the day, while system headroom can deploy massive creative potential for dazzling VIP functions.